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Football Index Referral Code

*Football Index has currently paused their promotion.

When you register with Football Index using the Football Index Referral Code you are entitled to up to £1000 which can be used to trade over the first week after registration. The site is a football stock market where players are bought and sold.

This offer is for UK-based new players and the qualifying initial deposit is £10. If after the first seven days football trading does not fit in with your betting habits, Football Index will return the initial deposit.

What can I get with the Football Index Referral Code 2020?

Football Index bonus offerPromotion detailsReferral Code
New customers£1000 to trade without risk for 7 daysGo to site
Minimum Deposit£10First deposit only
Time7 daysFrom first deposit
Max Deposit back£1000First deposit returned if losses occur

How Football Index Risk-Free Works

The way the Risk-Free feature works is when a user makes their deposit and buys shares they have 7 days to explore the site. Once they decide to claim the Risk-Free option, they will be asked to sell their shares while in the return they will be credited for any losses on their Football Index account.

For instance, if a player deposits £50 and, after 7 days, they are left with £43, they can use this feature to receive a £7 credit and withdraw £50.

Please remember that players can get the refund on their losses up to £1000.

Additionally, in order to be credited for the bonus of £30, a player needs to deposit at least £20. (T&C Apply).

Football Index Referral Code: Step by Step Guide

In order to correctly use the Football Index Referral Code please follow the steps listed below as part of the bonus claiming process:

  1. There are a number of required fields and optional fields that must be filled in as part of the registration process.
  2. The field called Referral Code must be filled with the Football Index Referral Code.
  3. A minimum deposit of £10 must be placed into your Football Index account.
  4. The funds are returned if the site does not match your betting interests.

Football Index Bonus Details

The Football Index welcome offer is subject to the following specific terms and conditions:

  • Only new customers living in the United Kingdom are eligible for this offer.
  • The minimum deposit is £10 and the payment method has to be a valid debit card.
  • The bonus can only be activated when the Football Index Referral Code is entered.
  • Failure to specify the relevant Football Index Referral Code will result in the bonus not being credited.
  • The maximum bonus is £1000 in the form of trading funds.
  • New customers have 7 days from the time of the registration to trade without risk.
  • Funds can only be taken from a new account after this initial 7 day period.
  • If a new customer withdraws funds, the bonus will be lost.
  • The General Terms and Conditions associated with the Football Index site apply for this welcome offer.

Football Index Stocks/Trading Markets

Football Index is a new form of betting on football. Conventional bookmakers provide many betting opportunities but the odds are fixed. Betting exchanges allow customers to play the role of the bookmaker by accepting bets.

None of these operators provides markets whereby you can bet on the coverage a player receives in the media as this is the niche area that Football Index has entered. Fantasy football awards points for players based on how they perform in key areas. Football Index combines fixed odds and exchange betting with fantasy games.

Football players from the main professional leagues appear in two lists. The Top 200 list includes the highest profile players who are the best paid. The second list is for Squad Players and features all the other names that can be traded at Football Index. Each player on the lists has a value at which they can be bought and sold.


How to Trade with Football Index

The trading facility includes over 2000 players that can be bought and sold. The process is akin to buying and selling shares on the Stock Exchange as prices fluctuate in response to the market forces of supply and demand. At certain stages of a season, a player will be in greater demand than at other times. The demand depends on playing efforts and events off the field.

The process of buying and selling is easy and intuitive. There is a buy and sell button next to the name of each player and the buying and selling prices are displayed. Once a player has been selected for purchase the name will appear on the user’s Football Index Portfolio.

The most high profile players who have done something special or misbehaved badly will be in greatest demand. If a player is not scoring or subject to media coverage, interest in him will wane and there will be more sellers than buyers and the stock price goes down.

Conversely, a player in the news will attract more buyers than sellers and the price will rise. Buzzwords are monitored in the Press to determine each player’s coverage and price.

The price for a player on the exchange will be determined by performance on the pitch and the level of media interest. There is a dividend declared for player’s every position after a full set of fixtures in a league have been completed.

The players who receive the most Press coverage and perform well on the pitch will become more expensive to buy. The buying price is higher than the selling price, in line with normal Stock Exchange conventions.

A sportsbook provides odds on events to take place while Football Index rewards a user’s football knowledge by allowing them to buy or sell players accordingly. Media coverage and performance determines prices.

Football Index Mobile App

Players can use the Football Index trading platform via mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. The mobile app replicates the functions available on the standard desktop version. However, additional features include alerts when there are trades and price changes. A good range of banking options is available on the Football Index app.


The user interfaces for the Android and iOS versions are easy to navigate and intuitive to use. The layout makes for efficient operations and the buying and selling of players. If you enjoy the concept at Football Index the mobile application is a good tool for trading on the move.

The iOS app is designed for version 8.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Football Index Payment Options

It must be said that the range of banking options is limited to debit cards and there is no possibility to play using e-Wallets such as Paypal. However, on completing of the relevant card information deposited funds are available for trading immediately.

The name on the card must match the name on the account. The depositing methods are all an option when using the Football Index Referral Code to claim the new customer bonus. It takes 2 to 5 days for any withdrawn funds to appear in the customer’s bank account.

However, if funds are taken out before the 7 day bonus period expires, the bonus and application of the Football Index Referral Code will be reversed. Any withdrawal method can be used after this 7 day period.

Football Index Customer Service

There are several ways in which registered users can contact the Football Index support team:

  • Telephone: 0800 066 2850
  • Monday to Friday 8.30am to 8 p.m.
  • Saturday and Saturday 9.30am to 6 p.m.
  • Message from the contact form.
  • The response time of 24-48 hours into the user’s email address.
  • Comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section.

Our Review of Football Index

The main attraction of Football Index is that it offers a fresh and innovative way to bet on football players. The better a user applies knowledge of players the more profit he makes by buying and selling.

The stock market model is linked to how a player is performing on the pitch and the level of news coverage which could be good or bad. The price system means stakes can be split over a number of players and not just on one outcome of a match. Prices change based on performance and media coverage.

This is a relatively recent concept so new users may be looking for some guidance. The Football Index site features an academy, tutorial and forum which provide plenty of useful tips and background information.

The rules guide and the blog help new users get used to the trading processes. There is a great deal of potential in the Football Index model. It’s also worth reminding potential users that they have access to £1000 of risk-free funds to be used in the first 7 days after registering.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
New Stock Market trading modelLimited payment options
£1000 new customer offerLive Chat not available
Fully functional mobile appNo ongoing bonuses for existing users

Football Index Referral Code FAQ

Before contacting the customer support team you can use the FAQ section for answers to the most common enquiries. This facility provides the answers to many questions related to the Football Index Referral Code and below are the most frequently asked questions which are mainly related to the bonus:

Is there a Football Index Referral Code currently available?

Yes. The Welcome Offer is linked to the Football Index Referral Code. Use the code to claim your offer.

Who can claim the Referral Code Offer?

UK customers who open a new account are eligible.

How Does Football Index Work?

Football Index is a stock exchange of football players who are traded at changing prices.

Is there a mobile bonus?

The new customer offer is claimable through the mobile app but there is no mobile specific bonus.

Can I claim the bonus in addition to other existing offers?

No, the Welcome Offer cannot be claimed with other offers.

I can’t seem to claim the bonus so what should I do?

The best way forward is to contact the customer support team by telephone or email form.