How do I use a bonus code?

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Looking for bargains, you’ve just found a bonus code on a specialist site. The problem is that you don’t really know how to use it. Don’t panic, we will explain everything to you.

Nowadays you can find a multitude of coupon codes to save money on your online purchases. Fashion, beauty, high technology, decoration, all e-commerce sites regularly offer bonus codes that allow you to get discounts on all kinds of products. These promotions can be applied to an entire site, a product category or a specific brand. Promotional codes can be offered both by generic e-commerce sites (Cdiscount, Amazon…) and by more specialised sites. You can also use promotional codes directly in the e-shops of your favourite brands. Warning: these brand promotions should not be confused with private sales! To use your promotional codes correctly, we will tell you how to proceed.

1. Check the validity of the promotion code

Promotion codes can have different fields of application. Sometimes they apply to your entire basket, regardless of which products you have selected. Other times, they apply only to a specific department, or even to a single product type. Therefore, you should check that the products on which you plan to get a discount match your promotion code.

You should also check the expiry date of the promotion code. Sometimes promotional codes still appear on shopping sites when they are no longer usable. Usually this information can be found with the promotional code. Be careful, it is often written very small at the bottom of the page! Sometimes the promotional code is not subject to a validity date, although this is quite rare.

Finally, some promotional codes may be subject to other conditions, such as a minimum purchase, the purchase of a specific quantity of products in a specific department (2 books purchased, 1 free), or the purchase of a particular product. If you do not meet all the conditions, the promotional code will not be applied. There are also named promotional codes that can only be used by one person.

Promotion codes do not necessarily apply to all products on a site.
Promotion codes often apply to only one category or a selection of items.


2. Enter your promo code

Displaying a promotional code can sometimes be fleeting. To avoid missing out on a good deal, remember to copy and paste your bonus code into a text document immediately. You can also write it down manually on a post-it note and paste it on your screen. This way you do not risk forgetting it.

In any case, do not copy it. If you have to copy other texts while shopping, you will not have your promotion code in the browser clipboard. If you have received your promotion code by e-mail, the easiest way to do this is to file it in your e-mail inbox, e.g. in a category or label dedicated to promotions.

3. Carefully copy your promotional code into the shopping cart.

You have just finished shopping and are about to pay. It’s time to use your promo code! Using your coupon code is usually done when you validate your basket, before payment and choosing your delivery options. You will usually find the field to fill in with your promotional code next to your basket total.

If you copy your promotion code manually, make sure you don’t make any typing errors and respect upper and lower case letters. Be careful, it is possible to confuse certain characters, such as O (the capital letter) and 0 (the number zero). Also be careful if you paste your promotional code after copying it from an e-mail or a document. In this case, make sure that you have not inadvertently copied the spaces before and after the promotional code: this could be enough to prevent it from working!

If you check all these settings carefully, you should have no difficulty in using your promotion code. Now you can get great offers!


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